How to Write a Proper Doctorate Proposal

When you are taking up doctorate, one of the requirements you will do is doctorate proposal. If you don’t have any idea on how you will start your paper, you’re lucky because this page will help you on what steps you need to do in order to have a good proposal.

Guidance on Proper Doctorate Proposal

Structuring and Title: When you make your doctorate proposal, it is necessary that you have a structure because it is your foundation on how you start to create your paper. Before you begin to make a proposal, you should have a title.

Introduction: You can start to write about your introduction. In this part, you will describe the motivation and the background of your research. You should explain why your chosen topic is essential and interesting.

Presenting: This is where you will demonstrate your all knowledge about your paper. In this part, you should provide the conceptual framework so that your methodology and research can be easily understood. In other words, don’t just present any information but make sure that you will present major debates, studies, contributions, controversies and many more.

Methodology: On this step, you will discuss the means wherein you will answer your own research questions. This is where you will also prove your paper. Here are some issues you can discuss:

  • How you will test the significant of theoretical/conceptual framework?
  • What stages and process you have to answer the research questions you have?
  • How can you meet your objectives?
  • What information and date you need? Is it quantitative or qualitative?
  • What date method you will use?
  • Is your chosen data method is available or accessible?
  • What tools and techniques you will use to measure the key indicators as well as the analyzing information and data?

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