A Guide on Statement of Purpose for PhD

Why you Need a Statement of Purpose

Statement of purpose, application letter, personal background, cover letter etc. – these are different names for one and the same document used by the applicants for PhD program. To succeed during the application procedure the PhD candidate needs an effective statement of purpose for PhD.

Components of a Successful Statement of Purpose for PhD

 The components of a statement of purpose for PhD are to be carefully selected. That is why you need to write a short draft of the future statement of purpose before you set to the entire process of writing. The statement of purpose PhD needs to be a kind of academic version of your CV, so think carefully while composing. Here are several aspects for you to mention in the statement of purpose for PhD:

  1. your deep and lie-long passion for the field of studies you are applying to;
  2. your personal features and skills that may be useful for the PhD program candidate;
  3. academic and personal preparation for the program;
  4. good writing and analytical skills etc.



“Selling” Yourself to the Admission Committee

The admission committee members do not know each of the candidates for the PhD program personally. To get acquainted with them during the application process you will need to “portrait” yourself in the statement of purpose for PhD. Do not be too shy, still do not boast. The readers need to see your face and the inner world via the paper. Try to describe your personality from different angles, as if you were a writer. You may read the final version of the paper to your colleagues or relatives to get the objective opinion about it.

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